Why AKC?

There are other operators in NZ?

Most Tour operators in NZ are larger organisations with management controlling a pool of drivers/coaches. While you are reasonably assured of getting a professional driver you are most unlikely to get the same one twice.

Furthermore you cannot reasonably expect a salaried driver to put his/her complete heart and soul into a tour.

Aussie Kiwi Connection is not run by a committee. You deal with one person only - me  - Director, Manager, Reservations Clerk, Quality controller, and Coach Driver.

This ensures a huge desire to provide the best tour possible for your clients. (See "Testimonials") As discussed in my newsletters NZ and Australia have spectacular differences - NZ with its mountains, lakes, glaciers and volcanoes. With nearly 40 years experience driving NZ Coach Tours I have discovered many "off-the-track" places in NZ that highlight these differences. 

I often use charts to clarify explanations:

Is it all serious "Learning stuff?"

Heck no!! I find it hard to be too serious for any length of time!  Lots of Trans-Tasman banter re sheep/sports. Lots of passenger involvement – sometimes we can get some interesting characters from the group that can regale us with interesting and thought-provoking entertainment. If the mood is right after dinner I have been known to get onto the piano and get a sing-along going.