About Us

………there is no "Us" (just "Me") 

please find to follow some personal background details

I was born in Dunedin NZ in 1953

....thats me on Dads knee ,,,, taken last century.....

In 1970 I left school and joined Telecom (then known as the NZ Post Office) as a trainee Telecom Technician. The job involved the installation, maintenance and fault-finding of call switching equipment. I qualified after three years but found it boring working in the Telephone exchange.

In 1981 I took leave to visit Europe and rather than taking a camping tour I took a Coach Driving Course in London with the view to driving passengers around Europe. Having past the course I drove for a company called NAT Holidays who specialised in taking British holiday makers to holiday destinations in France. We used to overnight in Paris en-route so specialised in Night Tours of Paris. I realised at this stage that being involved with Tour Coaches was what I wanted.

In 1982 I returned to NZ and until the present day have been involved with Tour Coaches, initially driving tours of NZ with the Newmans Group. In 1993 I was manager and 50% shareholder in "Coast to Coast Daily Bus Service" – a daily service across the mountains between Christchurch and the West Coast.  I also tutored for NZ School of Tourism in Christchurch

In 1995 I established "Aussie Kiwi Connection Ltd’ providing Australian Companies with wholesale access to New Zealand Touring. Until the present day I have been the sole operator of that Company